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How do you charge for your design services?

We work on an hourly basis and our fee schedule is available upon request. 

Our projects start with a deposit/retainer on file that is applied to initial design invoices. Deposits/retainers are determined based on the scope of the project.  We do not charge for an associate designer’s time when they accompany me on an on-site visit or sourcing/shopping for client. 

All clients are billed on the 1st of the month with an explanation of the date of service, task and the time invested. Payment is kindly expected within 15 days of receipt.

Do you charge for your design consults?

Yes, we do!  We charge a nominal initial consultation rate of $180 for up to 1.5 hours of our time together. Our consult fee is due on the day of the visit and is payable by cash, check or credit card.

During the consult we discuss the scope of work, offer ideas for the project, and determine what the client wants to accomplish. During this initial meeting we will also discuss timelines, review ideas and expectations. For smaller projects, this initial consult may be all that is necessary, thus providing some paint recommendations, rearranging some furnishings and a general project direction that allows you the ability to tackle your project from that point on. And of course, in the future we are happy to consult at our hourly rate as needed.

What is a typical project like?

We are commonly asked this question; however, there is not an easy answer. If you decide to move the project forward, we ask you to review our design agreement; this agreement discusses our design process, rates and an description of your project objectives. Once we receive the signed design agreement with your deposit/retainer we will get started on your project. Generally, we will be ready to schedule a presentation of our ideas in 2-3 weeks. Second home fit-up may require a 4 week turn around due to the scale of the project.

Once a project begins, you will be in constant communication with us. We do a lot of work by email and phone since it is an incredibly efficient form of communication, and allows quicker turn-around time.  Most projects require frequent site visits to review the overall progress. On-site visits are necessary, especially on new construction and renovations to ensure that the project is flowing in the right direction. It saves the client in the long run when mistakes or changes (if any) are caught early on in a project.

If you are not a huge fan of email, no worries, we can easily work with you over the phone, meet to review palette and materials and are always happy to drop off samples when appropriate. Turn-around time is a little longer with this method; however, the end design is just as amazing.

What is the process for purchasing merchandise?

After the design process is complete we will begin the merchandise purchase process.  For most projects, merchandise will be purchased for you by Keeping Good Company, by your contractor or directly by you the client.   

For items purchased through Keeping Good Company, you will be given a sales order including any discounts, shipping and tax.  You will then approve the order, be given a total and a deposit amount which is due at the time the order is place.  The balance of your order will be due when the item is received. 

What if I don’t like a piece of furniture, will you take it back?

When purchasing furniture for your home, 90% of the time you are ordering your furniture from our recommendations which will include photos and details of the product (size, weight, etc.) that we can provide.  When we order the furniture, every order is a custom order for your specific piece from a furniture manufacturer.  Because of the custom nature of the furniture orders, all sales are final and we are unable to accept returns.

Throughout all of the years we have been doing this, it has been rare to have a customer unhappy with the piece once it arrived.  We completely understand that this can be a frustrating situation and will try to work with you to find a reasonable solution.  Sometimes this may mean that we have another customer that is willing to buy the piece from you, sometimes the manufacturer will take it back for a restocking fee, other times this means that we are unable to do anything and can’t take it back. We have had a great track-record so far, however, we like to be up-front with you and our policy.