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Testimonials from client we've worked with

Deciding to renovate and  redecorate is relatively easy—everything beyond that can be  overwhelming!  What you are brilliant at is getting to know us,  understanding who we are, how we live, what we love, and incorporating  all this into our home.  There is no way I could have achieved this  result on my own.  Working with you was the best part of our renovation  project!

-Marie A.


Pam Carter and her Team at Keeping Good Company are outstanding in every  way. She did a beautiful job designing and providing exceptional  project management for my condo renovations. I really appreciated her  attentiveness and attention to detail and I love my new "home."          

-Julie K.                                     


I've often heard that  staging a home can help to sell it.  In this tough real estate market  one needs an edge to set their home apart from the rest. So, I hired KGC  Design when I put my home on the market this summer. 
The first  time Pam Carter met with me at my residence she immediately knew what  had to be done.  She advised me which of my furniture and clutter needed  to be removed, and which items we would keep and work with.  Next, she  shopped for additional items to complete and create the perfect decor.    Pam and her staff  took one final day to arrange the furniture and  stage each room of the house with accessories.  When they finished the  interior of my ordinary home looked like a photo from a magazine.  I was  so pleased, and so happy with the results.  Many of the Realtors  commented on how well the home showed. 
It worked.  I was successful in selling my home in only nine weeks. Thank you KGC Design for a job well done.         -Pam C. 

I wanted to paint my kitchen/dining room, but I had no clue which ones  would look good with my granite counter and backsplash. Pam came over  gave  me some great ideas. She also picked out some great fabric for  window treatments. Will definitely use Keeping Good Company again for  future projects!          



My experience with Keeping Good Company has been absolutely the best!   Pam was completely respectful and receptive to my ideas, but adding her  expertise created the perfect look and feel for our new home.  Everyone  who comes into our home raves about the colors and upscale feeling! We would highly recommend Keeping Good Company and would definitely hire them again.      -K.K.                                                                        


We so enjoyed working with you and Chelsea. The whole process was so stress free and the outcome is  something that brings us great joy.

  -Kate M.

Walking into the Lake House is like walking into the pages of a decorator’s magazine; just dreamy!! We are so very appreciative of your hard work and creativity to bring  the holidays to our home.  And we are continuously grateful for our  relationship and the beauty and warmth you have brought into our lives! 

Jenn & Paul S.